A wide range of enclosures is available for motors depending upon the area they are to be operated in.

For average industrial use, where the atmosphere is free from hazardous gas etc, we would recommend the use of the Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor. This will permit operation of the motor, without further modification, indoors or in the open where rain, moisture or dust is present. If the motor is to be used in an area where abrasive dust, corrosive fumes, explosive gas or liquid, grain dust or textile fluff is present special motors may be required depending on the area classification.

The choice of enclosure should not be treated lightly and must be given careful consideration as, if the motor enclosure is not selected correctly, the motor may fail or cause an explosion or fire.

If you are not certain as to what enclosure is required please advise Western Electric full details of the application and we will make our recommendations. However, under current regulations the onus lies with the end user to make the correct selection and Western Electric can only offer suggestions based on the information given.