Maintenance Schedule

For the best operating results, an efficient maintenance must be established with a planned time schedule and proper record of observations. A log book with dated entries must be kept for this purpose. The rate of change of certain measurable parameters like body and bearing temperatures on load, vibration intensity and insulation resistance, Over a period of time can predict with surprising reliability the occurrence of trouble ahead and warn the operating personnel of the need to take preventive measures before a serious breakdown occurs. The interval of service or the frequency of observations depends on the type of drive, ambient conditions and other factors. For arduous operating conditions, servicing should be more frequent. It is difficult to lay down hard and fast rules covering all conditions, but for the average or normal industrial duty, the under mentioned practice should serve as a guide and should be modified to suit other conditions. The maintenance schedule recommended for SPECTRUM SERIES induction Motors is as given below. Ensure that supply is cut off before touching any electrical connection.

o Daily Maintenance

1.Examine earth connection
2.Check that all heat dissipating surface like fins are clean.
3.Examine control equipment for any visual defects or loose connections.

o Weekly Maintenance

1.Check the intensity of vibration during operation of the motor.
2.Check the temperature of the body and the bearings on load.

o Monthly Maintenance
1. Overhaul controllers
2. Inspect circuit breakers and contractors.
3. Check that the connections to temperature detectors and space heaters, where provided, are sound and that these fitments are in working order.
4. In the case of high speed motors (above 1800 rpm). Insert a small quantity of lubricant to make up for losses during running.

o Yearly Maintenance
1. Check condition of insulation of all winding by measuring insulation resistance with a 500V megger.
2. Replace lubricant for the bearings, using only the approved lubricant.
3. Clean the windings thoroughly.
4. Check the condition of all fasteners.
5. Check the condition of auxiliary fitments like space heaters, etc.
6. Check the resistance of earth connections.
7. Clean the inside of the terminal box, the terminals etc.
8. Clean the condition of circuit breaker or contractors. Bad contracts lead to motor failure by single phasing.