Coil Cleaning

Solvent which are highly chlorinated and subject to hydrolysis in damp atmospheres are prohibited. They quickly become acidified, producing corrosive and conductive hydrochloric acid.


- Avoid mixture sold under various trademarks which often contain white spirit (which evaporates too slowly) or chlorinated products (which are likely to become acidified).
- One can use pure de-greasing and volatile agents which are well-defined such as:
- Gasoline (do not use premium-grade gasoline)
- Toluene (slightly toxic); inflammable - Benzene (pr benzine (toxic)); inflammable
- Ciclohexaire (non-toxic); inflammable

On the other hand, we recommend the use of fluorinated degreasing agents such as "Flugene 113" sold by Pechiney Saint-Gobain. They are very stable, non-flammable, non-toxic and without strong odour.

Cleaning the Stator, rotors, exciter and diode bridge

The insulating material and the impregnation system are not damaged by the solvents (see the list of authorized products above).

It is essential to avoid the entry of the cleaning agent into the slots. Apply the product with a brush, sponging up frequently in order to avoid accumulation in the housing. Dry the winding with a dry cloth. Allow the traces to evaporate before reassembling the machine.