Motor's Configuration:

1.Motor Only - Motor does not have a gearbox of any kind.

2.Geared motor - This category includes units with single integral gear heads, or replaceable / interchangeable gear head options.

Gearing (if applicable)

1.Spur Spur gear heads include one or more sets of pinion-gear sets, in which one pinion drives one gear. These sets can be stacked or cascaded to achieve higher reduction ratios.

Planetary gear heads involve several gears per stage rather than one pinion-gear set. A "sun gear" drives multiple planet or satellite gears, which then mesh on the inside of an internal or annular gear to provide relatively high torque and power transmission ratings.

A harmonic drive is an extremely precise speed reduction system that transmits power via a rotating elliptical element that engages a flexible cup that then engages an internal gear, which is typically fixed. This power transmission delivers precise angular position in very high input-to-output ratio (50:1 & up) applications.

Right-angle drive in which a worm drives a wheel coupled to the output shaft or shafts. This arrangement is used for high reduction and compact right-angle power transmission.

Bevel gear sets have intersecting axes that are commonly, but not always, perpendicular. They mate via teeth on angled edges.

Unlisted or specialized gearing arrangement.

Gearbox Ratio:
Gearbox ratio is the ratio of input speed to output speed. A ratio greater than one, therefore, indicates speed reduction, while a ratio less than one indicates speed increase.

Gearbox Efficiency:
Efficiency is the percentage of power or torque that is transferred through the gearbox. Losses occur due to factors such as friction and slippage inside the gearbox.