1. 115 / 120V 60 Hz 
2. 208-230 / 240V, 60 Hz 
3. 460 / 480V 60 Hz 
4. 575 / 600V 60 Hz 
5. 50 Hz / International Power

6. 400 Hz / Aerospace

 7. Other 
 These are standard voltage for 60Hz power (North America). These are for 60Hz power (North America). 
These are for 60Hz power (North America). 
These are for 60Hz power (North America).  
International voltage levels, such as those common in Asia and Europe, and includes all 50Hz power. 

Motors and other components using 400Hz power are primarily used for aerospace applications.
Unlisted voltage / frequency motor.

NUMBER OF PHASES :  ( Your choices are...)
1. Single-phase

2. Three-phase 

Standard commercial and residential power is single-phase, meaning one sinusoidal or other alternating voltage pattern.

Three- phase power contains three simultaneous sinusoidal or other alternating voltage patterns, typically 120° out of phase with each other. Higher power efficiency and smoothness of operation is possible with three-phase operation. Three-phase power is most typically used for industrial or high power motors.

SHAFT SPEED No-load rotational speed of output shaft at rated terminal voltage. 
CONTINUOUS OUTPUT POWER Mechanical power provided by the motor output. 
CONTINUOUS TORQUE Output torque capability of the motor under constant running conditions