5.1 Heat the pulleys or half-couplings to about 100oC uniformly in an oily bath before fitting them over the shaft extension. Use a mallet to drive the shaft fitment and avoid excessive force or hard blows which could damage the bearings. If the going is not easy, the bore dimensions should be checked and rectified, if necessary. The recommended bore tolerance is H7 with the shaft diameter taken as the nominal dimension. The shaft must not be filled or reduced in diameter. When the shaft fitment requires removal, use a with drawing tackle and NOT a pinch bar as this may damage the bearing cap and bend the shaft.

5.2Note on couplings -A flexible coupling is recommended for all direct coupled machines and is ESSENTIAL where the driven machine has no end play to take up the thermal expansion of shafts due to temperature rise on load. It must be noted that the shaft locating bearing of foot mounted motors is not capable of taking any but nominal thrust in the axial direction.