4.1 Base Plate

1.The foundation base plate structure of foundation should be properly designed and should be rigid and free from warping.
2.Base plate must be perfectly leveled.
3.All mounting points must be exactly in the same plane, otherwise the equipment will not be at the same level. To achieve this a thick rigid steel plates.

4.2 Shimming

1.Correct shimming is essential for good motor foundation assembly. It is important as base design itself.
2.Obvious problems with shims include rust, improper cut folds, wrinkles, burrs, hammer marks and dirt.

4.1.3. In addition to raising of shaft center, line, shims also solve the basic geometry problem of ensuring that all of the motor mounting pads or feet are on flat plane.

4.1.4. Shims must form a solid tight pack when the bolts are tightened. A 'Spongy' set of shims means a loose joint which may or not stay planer with other. The total plate. The thicker shim should be ground to a thickness to suit.

4.3 Stability of foundation and warping of base plate

4.3.1 Machine foundation or supporting structure must be so constructed that undue vibration will not occur under normal running conditions of the machine.

4.3.2 Stability of good foundation is essential. Excessive heat, say due to welding, or severe out door climate can cause twisting of steel base or cause foundation to crack. This should be avoided.

4.3.3 Uneven heating of the base plate by sun for outdoor installation also can cause its 'warping'. This should be avoided.

4.3.4 On useful test to find out a source of troublesome drive vibration during running is to loosen motor hold-down bolts one at a time and observe the change in the vibration level. If vibration decreases noticeable, the trouble is probably due to a distorted base or improper shimming.